On-Campus Workshops

All in a Day’s Workshop

Academic Impressions’ on-campus workshops are hands-on and highly cost-effective. We offer a wide range of workshop topics, all designed to get your team on the same page and moving in the right direction together. Our approach is unique because we can:

  • Tap into an exclusive network of hundreds of experts to find you the right match for your institution.
  • Leverage our considerable expertise to ensure your experience is highly practical and actionable.
  • Bring proven best practices and methods – not cookie-cutter approaches – to your campus.
  • Expertly facilitate the program to ensure key stakeholders own the outcome.

Let Us Become Your Trusted Partner

As an organization with more than 15 years of experience with training, program design, and facilitation, we can help you articulate your training needs, goals, and scope of the workshop to ensure a meaningful outcome. We will work in partnership with you to get to know your organization, conduct a needs analysis, and provide you with an expert recommendation on how to proceed. We value transparency; we will give you honest and constructive feedback on how to best achieve your objectives. And, we’ll tell you if we are not the right fit for your situation.

Get End-to-End Support

When it comes to bringing your training to life, we strive to ease the burden on your teams. We are ready to handle the entire setup process from start to finish, from internal communications and expectation setting to follow-up evaluation and reports. We will not only help you create momentum but also sustain it in the long term; you’ll get personalized recommendations for additional resources to continue building on the learning outcomes and reinforce the value of the workshop.

Tap into Our Network

We collaborate with a network of over 500+ vetted and trusted subject matter experts from all areas of higher education. We will carefully study the profile of your trainees and find the right expert who has the proficiency, experience, and credibility to facilitate your on-campus training.

Find a Turnkey Solution

We can help you avoid the hassle or headache of logistics. All you need to do is provide the room for the workshop, we will take care of the rest. We’ll carefully plan logistics and ensure you have all the supplies you need at your fingertips ahead of the workshop.

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